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Matthew Berry

Original oil paintings

Matthew Berry studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art from 1975 to 1979 with Simon Willis, Frank Bowling, Diana Armfield, Marigold Hodgkinson and Graham Nickson among others. 


Matthew’s work has been exhibited regularly in South London, St Just in Penwith and Newlyn in Cornwall and also at the Runnymede Gallery, Old Windsor. His work has attracted interest abroad, as well as in the UK, and he has clients in Crete, Germany and New York.

Matthew's oil on canvas paintings include many scenes of South London where he lives and works. Inspiration for other works has come from his love of West Penwith, Cornwall, Western Crete and Transylvania, Romania where he tutors on painting holdiays. 


His paintings explore the abstract possibilities inherent within landscape where colour and composition are the primary motives.

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