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Peter Forsyth

Limited edition giclée prints

“As a designer and illustrator who has lived in Brixton for twenty years since moving to London from Cornwall and Falmouth School of Art, the secret to life in the metropolis has always been the Lido and Brockwell Park. Indeed as a country boy at heart, I doubt I would have survived here this long with out the sense of peace it gives. 

I love this space! A wonderful distraction from all that is the everyday, I step into the building and life seems to slow down, making time, or the apparent lack of it more manageable. Sometimes we are so busy looking forward, we forget the past that makes us, it’s only on reflection that we realise what has been done for us.

It is for myself that I come here, but also and very importantly for my family... When I am done with the physical I am a better calmer man, shamefully more willing to share my time - A friend once said, with regards to keeping relations with my children as they grow. “Build a common interest, something which doesn’t need words when they don’t want to talk to you!”.  So all you can be is yourself and hope they will see the good...

... And quite wonderfully they love the Lido too”.  Peter Forsyth 2010

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